Person-specific facial animation on demand
We call it Deep Expression Transfer (coming soon)
Generate the full range of person-specific facial expressions, uniquely inferred for each different face morphology.

In production stage

Upload your character’s face mesh in resting pose and get the full FACS set of 150+ expressions, constrained to appear realistic for the given face. All adapted to your topology and on-demand.


In the load-time of the application

Integrate a bespoke trained model framework in you application and generate the person-specific FACS for any number of faces, without having to store this content statically.

Asset size explosion solved.

Lifelike digital human interaction

By learning how real faces deform, Deep Expression Transfer returns the unique and person-specific blend shapes, considering modalities on each particular face morphology.

Weeks of ill-posed manual work have become a one-click task.

As seen in

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